Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I have a rough sketch of a piece of furniture I would like built, can you build it?

Yes. I can build furniture based on classic or unique designs.

For an example, check out the Grilling Table which started out as an idea and a rough sketch (see the building process here!).

Q: I have an antique table/chair/desk that needs to be refinished/refurbished, is this something you can do?

Yes. I specialize in refurbishing, restoring, and strengthening antique furniture while respecting the integrity of the design and materials so that you can enjoy your antique for many years to come. To see some examples, check out the french desk and moroccan box.

Q: I saw a piece on your website that I like, but it is already in a collection. Can you build a duplicate?

I can indeed build a duplicate. I can also customize the design so that it fits your unique style and needs.

Q. What is marquetry? Can you do custom marquetry for my furniture?

Marquetry is the craft of applying pieces of veneer to a surface to form pictures. You can see examples of how I use marquetry on the heart-shaped box and the cherry sakura box

I am happy to provide clients with custom marquetry that makes their furniture completely unique.

Q: I love the Heart Shaped Box! Can you make one for me?

Sure, any of these pieces can be made. No two planks of wood are identical so the pieces made from them will of course have slight variations.  Deliberate variations, however, are also possible by request.

Q: Do you do upholstery?

Sorry, except for very basic things I do not provide upholstery or upholstery refurbishing but I can put you in touch with someone who does and is very good.